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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Appliance Stores
Sales Jump 9% for Major Appliance Retailers in 2013
Lowe's Unseats Sears for the Top Spot

It was a very good year for the nation's largest major appliance dealers in 2013, with sales of the top 100 retailers climbing 9.1% to a record $26.5 billion.

According to TWICE magazine's "Top 100 Major Appliance Retailers Report," 2013 ranked as the best year for these leading white-goods dealers since 2008.

(Source: TWICE, by Alan Wolf, 06/16/14) ...
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AHAM Report: It Pays to Buy New Appliances
The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has come out with a study that emphasizes what a lot of industry analysts have been saying for years: In the long run, it's probably cheaper to buy a new appliance product instead of a used or refurbished one.

(Source: Appliance Magazine, 04/09/14) ...
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