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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Internet Advertising
The Most Accountable Advertising Medium is Digital, Or Is It?
The more you know about metrics, the less confidence you have in Internet metrics. The talk about ads counting as views when they load below the fold, click-fraud, and search engine robots all should cause advertisers to question what they are really receiving when they buy online advertising.

(Source: Advertising Age, by Vince Bond, Jr., 07/15/14) ...
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Get Better Results for Your Advertisers Targeting Men
Include Online Contests, Games, and Video

Men these days spend more time than their dads ever did helping out at home and watching the kids, according to numerous studies.

But that doesn't mean that their interest in shiny new toys and flashy gadgets is on the wane. Quite the contrary!

(Source: MediaPostBlogs, by Bryan Robb, 07/10/14) ...
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Major Ad Agency Unhappy with Programmatic Buying, Pulling Out
Various researchers are predicting programmatic buying will account for more than 30% of total ad spend in the next two years. Programmatic makes targeting specific consumer habits easy, immediate and automated. (See Radio Sales Today, 04/18/14.)

(Source: Advertising Age, by Tim Peterson, 06/17/14) ...
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Hyper-Local Data: Programmatic Game-Changer, And Not Just For Mobile
Hyper-local data is now available via programmatic media buying, and the implications are huge. Hyper-local targeting mainly uses a consumer's latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates (abbreviated as lat/long) to deliver a targeted ad.

(Source: RTB Insider, by Dean Vegliante, 06/23/14) ...
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Branding is Nice, but Advertisers Prefer Driving Sales
Anecdotally, we have observed advertisers over the years say they want branding, image, or name recognition; but if they do not get a lift in sales they rarely renew the advertising.

In a recent report from eMarketer, the empirical evidence shows advertisers are spending 70% of their digital advertising budgets on direct response. Only 30% of digital budgets are designated for branding.

(Source: eMarketer, 05/23/14) ...
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Patching Up Patch
The Fight for Local Ad Dollars Continues

Patch, the AOL division that created local websites, sold advertising to local advertisers, and built out local sales staffs communities across the U.S., found it difficult to turn a profit by selling to mom-and-pop advertisers. AOL recently handed over a majority stake in ownership to an investment firm.

(Source: The New York Times, by Leslie Kaufman, 05/19/14) ...
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Sell the Benefit of Your Trusted Website
Last year, Google identified and removed 350 million ad scams from their ad serving network. The ads look like legitimate advertisers, but take users to malicious websites and install malware.

Ad scams have gotten to be such a concern to ad serving networks like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, that they have formed a group called TrustInAds.org to combat the bad ads.

(Source: Adweek, by Katy Bachman, 05/08/14) ...
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1 in 4 Marketers Using Programmatic Marketing
Most Still Find It a Mystery

Programmatic marketing is attracting bigger ad budgets even though the majority of marketers are having trouble understanding what it is and how it works.

(Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB) ...
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If A Tree Falls in the Woods...
We probably all agree a falling tree makes a noise. Yet we probably all agree an online ad that is below the fold makes no noise if a user doesn't scroll down to see it.

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) has approved Viewable Impressions as a digital advertising currency metric. It means there is validation for advertisers wanting to only pay for digital impressions that are actually displayed.

(Source: Advertising Age, by Phil Schraeder, 04/01/14)

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Audio Benefits From 'Viewability' Metric
It's widely believed that a third or more of digital display advertising goes unseen. This may be because a user has scrolled past the ad before it loads, or perhaps never scrolls far enough down to see the ad at all. Of course, there is no shortage of highly creative fraudsters in the display ad business, compounding the problem.

Then there's another question. Even if an ad is "in view," is it actually seen by the user?

(Source: Media Daily News Commentary, by John Rosso, 04/03/14) ...
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One-Third of Online Ads Are Bogus
In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the Interactive Advertising Bureau was cited as saying 36% of all web traffic is fake.

With over half of all digital ads being placed using software, many advertisers are unaware of the sites on which their ads are displayed. This allows fraudulent sites to generate machine-driven impressions or clicks on ads to earn revenue.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal, by Suzanne Vranica with contributions by Mike Shields, 03/23/14) ...
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