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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Hispanic Market
Messages Relating to Family, Cultural Identity Resonate with Hispanic Consumers
When creating advertising for the Hispanic market, retailers and manufacturers need to be constantly aware of such themes as the importance of family, the concept of dual-language households, and the need for maintaining cultural identity, according to a marketing professional who specializes in the demographic.

(Source: CSP Daily News, by Angel Abcede, 06/18/14) ...
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Movie Business Recognizes the Importance of the Hispanic Audience
A panel of experts at the recent Produced By Conference in Los Angeles were in agreement regarding the potential of the Hispanic movie-going audience: They mean business.

"Hispanics are far and away the most important consumer at our cinemas," said John Fithian, CEO of the National Association of Theatre Owners. Statistics presented during the discussion show that Hispanics are more likely to attend movies in general, and are also more likely to see a film on opening weekend.

(Source: The Wrap, by Lucas Shaw, 06/08/14) ...
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Hispanics Represent a Key Opportunity for Healthcare Providers
Hispanics represent a tremendous opportunity for health-and-wellness companies in the new economy that focuses on consumer-centered care, says a recently-released report from PwC's Health Research Institute.

(Source: Drug Store News, by Michael Johnsen, 05/22/14) ...
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Hispanic, African American Radio Audiences Reach Historic Highs
Among the more than 240 million Americans who tune in to radio each week are a record number of Hispanic and African American listeners, according to the latest research from Nielsen.

Between March 2013 and March 2014, radio's overall 12+ audience grew from 243.2 million to 244.4 million. In addition to the national growth total, more than 71 million African Americans and Hispanics listen each week, accounting for almost one-third of the medium's national audience.

(Source: Nielsen, 04/29/14)

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7UP Goes After Millennials/Hispanics Via EDM Event Sponsorships
7UP is shaking up its marketing by turning away from moms 35+ and going after Millennials directly. The target venue? Electronic dance music events.

EDM is the fastest-growing music genre and EDM events are just starting to add brands to their experiences.

(Source: AdAge.com, by Natalie Zmuda, 04/08/14) ...
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Morning Daypart Fuels Growth in Hispanic Radio Listening
Hispanics have the highest propensity to listen to the radio of any ethnic group, according to the latest Nielsen Audio Today report. And Nielsen's March 2014 RADAR study shows that the Hispanic radio audience has increased by more than a half-million listeners over the past year.

(Source: Nielsen, 03/19/2014) ...
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Hispanic Consumers Favor Japanese Vehicle Brands
Who's doing the best job of appealing to Hispanic auto buyers? According to a new study from Univision and GfK, it's the Japanese brands.

The report states that Hispanics are driving 20% to 30% of the U.S. sales growth for Toyota, Nissan and Honda, and that Hispanics are 29% more likely than non-Hispanics to list Honda, Toyota or Nissan as their first choice.

(Source: Marketing Daily, by Karl Greenberg, 03/31/14) ...
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Hispanics Like Shopping at 'Interesting' Stores
Among the findings of a recent shopper study was the fact that Hispanic consumers strongly prefer community-driven environments and emotionally-satisfying in-store experiences.

(Source: WD Partners, by Lee Peterson, 03/11/14) ...
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