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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Affluent Households Market
New Report Highlights the Importance of Affluent Shoppers
The importance of affluent consumers to luxury brands, as well as mass market retailers, is the focus of a new study by Unity Marketing.

(Source: Luxury Daily, by Nancy Buckley, 07/01/14) ...
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Affluent Consumers Differ by Age, Shopping Habits
Lumping affluent consumers into a one-size-fits-all description would be a mistake for marketers, since this group varies noticeably by age, not to mention how they shop and where they shop.

(Source: The Center for Media Research, by Jack Loechner, 06/02/14) ...
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Costco, Target, Home Depot Are Favorites of Affluent Shoppers
The nation's wealthiest 10% of consumers are optimistic about the coming months, and expect to remain committed to their favorite things: Cautious spending, aggressive saving, and shopping at retailers that offer strong value like Costco, Target and Home Depot.

(Source: Marketing Daily, by Sarah Mahoney, 04/19/14)

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