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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Generation Y Market
Meet Today’s Millennials, Moms and New Retirees
An interesting new study by Ipsos Understanding takes an in-depth look at three distinct generational consumer segments -- Millennials, Moms and Seniors.

For example, Millennials are the social and always-connected generation. Moms in the new economy choose price over convenience. And Seniors are living a far different life than their parents.

(Source: The Center for Media Research, by Jack Loechner, 06/10/14) ...
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Millennials Require Some Quid Pro Quo for Charitable Giving
Millennials are changing everything, even how we do charity.

They expect to be able to donate online. They want to be able to share their charitable efforts with their friends; after all, it's a part of how they identify themselves. And they are demanding concrete, tangible evidence that their giving is making an impact.

(Source: About.com/Nonprofit Charitable Orgs, by Bradley Depew, 06/14) ...
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Younger Generations, Hispanics Will Influence Country's Future Eating Habits
The U.S. population is changing with Boomers aging, Generation Z and Millennials entering new life stages, and Hispanics making up a growing share of the younger generations. These shifts will have a major impact on the country's eating behaviors over the next five years, finds a new study by The NPD Group.

(Source: The NPD Group, 05/07/14) ...
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Millennials Mean Business: Now and in the Future
The 77 million Millennials in the U.S. make up 24% of the country's population. Although their incomes are not yet on par with older consumers, this group's size and age range offer a glimpse of their future purchasing power, which currently stands at around $200 billion annually.

(Source: Drug Store News, by Antoinette Alexander, 04/28/14) ...
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The Do's & Don'ts of Marketing to Millennials
Millennials represent a huge market for advertisers, if for no other reason than the sheer size of this demographic.

Forbes magazine contributor Patrick Spenner recently sat down with Katie Elfering of CEB Iconoculture for a Q&A session regarding how marketers are trying to connect with this elusive age group, as they discuss the Millennial mindset and what marketers are doing right and wrong in reaching them.

(Source: Forbes, by Patrick Spenner, 04/16/14) ...
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7UP Goes After Millennials/Hispanics Via EDM Event Sponsorships
7UP is shaking up its marketing by turning away from moms 35+ and going after Millennials directly. The target venue? Electronic dance music events.

EDM is the fastest-growing music genre and EDM events are just starting to add brands to their experiences.

(Source: AdAge.com, by Natalie Zmuda, 04/08/14) ...
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Millennials Re-Shaping the Face of Retail
Retailers who are attempting to woo Millennials are quickly discovering that this age group represents a different brand of consumer.

They are the most racially diverse generation, with more liberal views on social issues and fewer ties to organized religion and political parties. And despite spending more than an hour a day on retail websites, tech-savvy Millennials also require more brand interaction opportunities than advertising, said Jason Baker, a principal at Houston-based consulting firm Baker Katz.

(Source: CNBC, by Kelli B. Grant, 03/07/14) ...
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