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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Teen Market
Survey Indicates Teen Spending is Stabilizing
Listening to Music on the Radio Still Important to Young People

Piper Jaffray recently announced the results of its 27th semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens market research project, which signals a potential point of stability in teen expenditures, with spending contracting by just 1% from Fall 2013, compared to sequential declines in the mid-single digits previously.

(Source: Piper Jaffray, 04/09/14) ...
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Survey Predicts a Drop in Prom Spending This Year
Following several years of steady increases, spending on high school proms is expected to decline this year -- by some 14%.

A new Visa survey of more than 1,200 parents of prom-aged teens predicts that spending on the annual event will average $978 this time around, down from $1,139 last year and $1,079 in 2012.

(Source: CNNMoney.com, by Melanie Hicken, 04/09/14)

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