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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising Taking Direct-Response Marketers' Budgets
For the fifth consecutive year, mobile is growing at a rapid pace. In a recent report from eMarketer, mobile has grown to more than 35% of digital ad spending. Much of the growth is made up of direct-response advertising.

(Source: eMarketer, 05/20/14)

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Marketers Still Skeptical About Mobile and Social
Some brands like Tic Tac, Starbucks, McDonald's and others are finding success with their campaigns using mobile and social, although many marketers are still hesitant to invest in these relatively new media.

What most marketers are finding is successful campaigns come from more than pushing out, or providing access to, information. Utility programs that provide mobile payments, interaction like getting a free coupon, or games are what engage mobile users and create success.

(Source: Chief Marketer, by Patricia Odell, 04/29/14) ...
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