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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Online Retailing
Advantage Amazon
Amazon has announced a new feature that allows Twitter users to add something to their Amazon shopping cart by replying to a tweet with the hashtag #amazoncart.

After connecting their Twitter and Amazon accounts, they can reply to a tweet for a product that has an amazon link and the product will be placed into their shopping cart for purchase. Later, they can visit their shopping cart and complete the sale.

(Source: RAIN NEWS, by Jennifer Lane, 05/07/14) ...
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Online Batters Bricks
According to the Anthem Marketing Solution's semiannual market basket analysis of in-store and online pricing trends for a commonly purchased bundle of consumer products, 70% of items observed have the same price online and offline.

When there is a price difference, online dominates with 65% of observations favoring the online channel and 35% favoring offline. Overall, the convenience category for items under $20 has shifted to an online preference. Previously 58% of observations favored the in-store channel.

(Source: The Center for Media Research, by Jack Loechner, 04/29/14) ...
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