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$90M, 3-Year Campaign From Your Favorite Frozen Food Brands
The Frozen Food category's sales have declined 3% (nearly $9 billion) since 2009, with more declines expected this year -- March being Frozen Food Month notwithstanding.

The culprit? More Americans have increasingly shifted to buying fresh foods, which are not only perceived as more nutritious, but healthier because they don't contain preservatives and other artificial ingredients, or high levels of sodium.

(Source: Marketing Daily: by Karlene Lukovitz, 05/15/14) ...
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Getting the Spotlight When You Aren’t Part of the Show
A Local Agency Gives Tours To Local Taco Shops During SXSW

Tocquigny, a small digital agency in Austin, TX, wanted to be a part of this year's giant South by Southwest festival. But they didn't have the interest to purchase an exhibit booth or host a party at a local bar.

(Source: ChiefMarketer.com, by Patricia Odell, 04/21/14) ...
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4 Real-Time Engagement Strategies
Marketers are well-aware of the big, iconic events like the Super Bowl, Lollapalooza, and others, although they aren't always a position to participate. But the engagement strategies behind these grand-scale events can also be applied to the multitude of other event marketing options. Think: in-store promotions, restaurants, and more.

There is a major opportunity for large and small brands alike to create a real-time, interactive experience for their customers.

(Source: Chief Marketer, 04/17/14)

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Dunkin' Donuts Finds Sports Marketing 'A Winner's Game'
Dunkin' Donuts is increasing its partnerships with sports teams and sports figures, but appears to be an equal opportunity partner across the spectrum.

These partnerships range from baseball to football to hockey, and even to signing a deal with Liverpool FC of the Barclays English Premier league and the TCS New York City Marathon.

(Source: NYSportsJournalism.com, 04/30/14) ...
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Yet Another Media Competitor From Out of Thin Air
Drones are getting a lot of attention as weapon delivery systems, Amazon package delivery vehicles, even pizza delivery vehicles, and now as ad-supported media. A startup in Philadelphia is selling a new kind of banner ad...a banner hanging from beneath a drone helicopter.

(Source: WCAU/NBC10, Philadelphia, by Vince Lattanzi, 04/29/14) ...
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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for May
Mother's Day is the most popular day of the year to dine out, according to the National Restaurant Association.

But Mother's Day isn't the only day in May that restaurants promote in order to bring in more business.

(Source: RestaurantNews.com, 04/17/14) ...
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Women Starting More Than 1,200 New Businesses Per Day
A new report commissioned by American Express OPEN reveals that women are launching 1,288 (net) new businesses per day, which is double the rate from just three years ago. The study estimates that there are more than 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. (compared to 8.6 million in 2013), that generate more than $1.4 trillion in revenues.

(Source: American Express, 03/26/14) ...
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Study Looks At 'No Nonsense' Attitudes Among Women
A new survey has revealed some interesting insight into the attitudes of women regarding their personal style and lifestyle choices, as they describe their idea of a "no-nonsense" type of persona.

The survey, conducted by the Harris Poll and commissioned by Kayser-Roth Corp.'s No Nonsense legwear brand, included the observations of more than 700 U.S. women ages 25-49. It was done in conjunction with March's celebration of Women's History Month.

(Source: Marketing Daily (MediaPost), by Tanya Irwin, 03/05/14) ...
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