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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Digital Media
Majority of CMOs Believe Digital is Changing Marketing, But Are Not Ready for the Shift
Accenture recently released a study showing 78% of Chief Marketing Officers believe digital, and mobile in particular, will fundamentally change the way they market.

The traditional marketing systems seem to be the problem, and respondents in the survey believe new systems are needed to take advantage of the shift.

(Source: Marketing Daily, by Aaron Baar, 06/18/14) ...
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Increase Digital Revenue Selling Branding
Radio has long promoted itself as a branding medium as well as a medium that calls consumers to action. Digital has tried to convince marketers that digital is capable of branding, and is beginning to make progress.

(Source: Adweek, by Lauren Johnson, 06/17/14) ...
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Contextual and Customized Advertising Yields Better Results
Digital ads that relate to the interests of users work better than mass appeal ads. Retailer marketers are using digital to take advantage of personalized campaigns.

Consumers are demanding ads that are relevant to their personal interests and needs. Yet there are concerns by marketers about cookie deletion and blocking.

(Source: Chain Store Age, by Dan Berthiaume, 05/13/14) ...
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Advertisers Park Digital Dollars and Wait For Consumers to Catch Up Online
Apparently brands will dump more advertising dollars into digital as they hang out and wait for consumers to arrive and spend in online channels.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2018 released Wednesday forecasts that U.S. advertising will outpace consumer spending as brands move more dollars to digital. Are advertisers taking a build-it-and-they-will-come approach?

(Source: SearchBlog, by Laurie Sullivan, 06/04/14) ...
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Striking a Balance between Traditional and Digital
Marketers of all sizes are struggling to find a balance of investing between traditional media and digital media. Pete Blackshaw, the global head of digital at Nestle, believes he has struck a balance by training his team within three pillars.

(Source: Advertising Age, by Pete Blackshaw, 05/20/14) ...
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BIA/Kelsey Says Mobile Will Match Radio Revenue in 5 Years
Radio's Opportunity is to Add Digital

Jed Williams, VP Consulting and Senior Analyst at BIA/Kelsey, presented statistics and suggestions for increasing revenue during this week's RAB webinar. His projections are that online -- including social media -- will grow 13.6% over the next 5 years, while traditional media will grow at 0.1%.

Digital growth includes traditional media's digital revenue as well as revenue of pureplays. Williams says the opportunity for radio to grow revenue is through digital.

(Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB) ...
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Time Spent with Digital to Surpass Television
In a report from eMarketer, the time adults spend with media is shifting to digital. Digital this year will lead in media usage, beating television. Digital is considered online and mobile.

(Source: eMarketer, 04/22/14)

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Jacobs Media Releases Techsurvey10, Radio at the Digital Tipping Point
This year's Techsurvey from Jacobs Media, a Detroit-based media research and consulting firm, shows that Radio is on both sides of the digital tipping point. While 95% still tune in daily, fewer respondents listen for a minimum of an hour on a typical day.

(Source: RAB staff from Jacobs Media news release, 04/07/14) ...
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The Power of a Digital Database
Typically, advertisers and brands pay for data about the buying habits of their customers and their competitors' customers.

The digital age has opened the doors for brands to track customers through couponing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

(Source: Advertising Age, by Jack Neff, 04/15/14) ...
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The 3-Rs to Sell More Streaming Audio
This week's Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) Summit in Las Vegas featured experts speaking on a variety of digital topics. Jeff Wender, SVP/Digital at Nielsen, spoke on using digital audio measurement to increase digital advertising revenues.

(Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB) ...
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News & Notes from the NAB Show
John Potter, SVP/Professional Development for the Radio Advertising Bureau, is among the many RAB staffers who are attending the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week. Here are a few of his observations from some of the opening sessions.

(Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB) ...
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Brands Look to Online Video Ads, Push TV Aside
Online video is interactive. Brands appreciate the engagement with consumers. This has TV networks and stations thinking about ways to make content available digitally and retain ad revenues as brands look for more online video ad opportunities.

(Source: ClickZ, by Tessa Wegert, 03/20/14) ...
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Broadcast Brands; Digital Harvests
David Matathia, Director, Marketing Communications for Hyundai Motor America, spoke with us at the RAB. He was joined by Hyundai's media agency Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Fred Sattler of Initiative US. They shared their thinking of how each medium works for Hyundai and how a mix of media allows one to support another. ...
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Having CRM is of No Value, Using CRM is the Answer
All sales organizations can use digital tools to improve effectiveness. But having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool only helps increase sales when you embrace it, keep data updated, and use the reports to make you more effective.

(Source: National Center for the Middle Market, by Erik Sherman, 02/06/14) ...
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Conference Highlights New Ideas, New Opportunities
Digital advice, ideas, and success stories flowed at the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference early this week in New York. Two days of speakers, panels and networking were upbeat and attendees appeared encouraged about digital revenue opportunities for legacy media.

(Source: John Potter, RAB, 03/06/14) ...
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Digital Agencies Grow Incremental Revenue
More and more legacy media are adding digital agencies to consult SMBs with their digital needs. Services include website design, mobile design, SEO, SEM, social media, and reputation management.

(Source: John Potter, RAB, 03/06/14) ...
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06/20/2014 Majority of CMOs Believe Digital is Changing Marketing, But Are Not Ready for the Shift | Disconnect Between ROI Perception and Reality | Increase Digital Revenue Selling Branding 
06/19/2014 Smaller Restaurant Chains See Gains in Customer Satisfaction | Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, Hyundai Rank Highest in Power Initial Quality Study | Younger Generations Far More Open to Branchless and Alternative Banks 
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06/12/2014 Back-to-School Ads: Earlier Each Year | Consumers Warming Up to Smartphone Upgrade Plans | Radio Creatives Encouraged to Submit Ideas for New Creative Edge Challenge 
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06/10/2014 Price Drives Customers to Home Improvement Retailers; Staff/Service Keep Them There | More Women Are Riding Motorcycles, and Harley Wants to Cash In | Summer Has Become a Good Time for Health Club Promotions 
06/09/2014 Five Ideas for Integrating Mobile into Your Cause Marketing Efforts | Children's Charities Get United, JetBlue Support | Keurig Uses Sponsorship for Demonstrations and New Sales, Distribution  

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