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Radio Sales Today Search Results: Jewelry Stores
Diamonds Are a Jeweler's Best Friend
Diamonds still rank as the most popular category of jewelry by a sizeable margin, according to a new survey by De Beers.

The study documented the most desired type of fine jewelry that women would like to receive as a gift, and "real" diamonds garnered 39% of the votes. The "real" diamonds category excluded lab-grown diamonds as well as diamond simulants.

Finishing second in the survey was the category of "real" precious gems, at 14%, with white gold receiving support from 8% of the respondents.

Source: JCK Online, by Rob Bates, 06/12/14) ...
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Jewelers Celebrate a Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day 2014 was a cause for celebration for moms around the country, as well as jewelry stores, many of whom enjoyed a healthy week of sales preceding the holiday.

According to a survey of retailers by National Jeweler, the respondents attributed the busy week to relatively nice weather, and more importantly, the continued release of pent-up demand.

(Source: National Jeweler, by Hannah Connorton and Brecken Branstrator, 05/12/14) ...
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Don't Forget the Groom When Marketing Bridal Jewelry
Although most bridal market advertising by jewelers is usually aimed at the brides themselves, maybe more of an emphasis should be placed on the groom. After all, he is responsible for purchasing the priciest piece of wedding jewelry -- the engagement ring.

(Source: JCK Magazine, by Emili Vesilind, 02/02/14) ...
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