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Sales Tip - Native Ads Get Better Results

The definition of a native ad is being debated, but for our purposes let's agree it is a contextual ad embedded in media content. For example, a newsletter article about a new product or service that looks like it is information from the radio station, yet in fact is a paid advertisement.

Note: Remember, all paid advertising and endorsements must be disclosed. FTC rules are available here.

Most marketers say it is risky to create what appears to be content and disclose that it was a paid ad in fine print at the bottom. Consumers feel duped and take it out on the publication and the brand. But if you make it clear from the beginning that this message is from one of your fine sponsors, there is little negative reaction.

Consider using native ads for your advertisers in all of your digital media. According to Media Post's Social Media Insider Summit earlier this week, advertisers are finding a 5% to 15% lift in response with native ads compared to display ads.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB