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Sales Tip - The Rules of Engagement

Use social media to engage your audience. Use social as a component of advertisers' integrated campaigns. But be careful to not violate social site's policies. In talking to social media experts this week, they made a point of saying every radio station needs to follow the rules of service of each social site.

Facebook, for example, says they can block your page on their site if you run advertising on your page. You can promote yourself, but not an advertiser.

For example, it's OK to say: "Come join us this afternoon at Harris Chevrolet. We're broadcasting live from 4 to 6."

It's not OK to post an ad, such as: "Come to Harris Chevrolet where you'll get special 1.9% interest rates this afternoon."

Help advertisers reach your social site users, but don't jeopardize your stations' opportunity to use Facebook and other sites.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB