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Sales Tip - Somebody Is Looking For You...A Prospect?

If I were an advertiser thinking about investing in radio, I might call my favorite radio station for information. Yet, because I am accustomed to using online search, I would probably Google "radio advertising Dallas" to research my local stations.

In a quick test Googling each of the top five markets, no radio stations were among the first page of results except for WGN in Chicago. Still no radio stations among results in smaller markets like Grand Rapids, MI, Springfield, IL, Tyler, TX, and Beckley, WV.

Search results held good news for some stations in random checking: WLW in Cincinnati; Alpha Broadcasting in Portland, OR; Townsquare in Lafayette; and Connoisseur Media in Rapid City.

Talk to your webmaster and make sure your advertising webpages are optimized for search with keywords such as:

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You will think of others a prospect might use to search, but these should get you started.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB