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Sales Tip - The Problem-Finder

In Daniel Pink's best-selling book, To Sell is Human, he talks about solving customer problems. But the most profound learning for me is when he says, "The ability to move others hinges less on problem solving than on problem finding! We should not be selling the product, but the insight of the product!"

How many times have you heard that the best sales professionals are good at solving problems, yet as we dig deeper into Pink's book, we learn that solving problems does not set salespeople apart from their competitors. To truly stand out, you have to understand the customer's situation so well that you can find problems that they haven't even thought of. That's what separates the great salespeople from the pack.

To become a problem finder, build trust. One way to do this is by providing them what they need and want in the way they want it, which also makes you more likeable. Pink says, "We are more persuaded by people we like because they remind us of us." The more we can mirror our customers' style, the more likely they are to feel comfortable and open up.

Source: Business author/consultant Stu Schlackman