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Sales Tip - The Six P's of Sales Performance

Sales Performance is achieved by implementing certain strategies, procedures, and techniques.

In a client-focused approach to selling (i.e., a relationship selling environment) we believe there are certain elements that contribute to your sales success. Listed below is an overview of these elements.

1. Prospecting -- Identifying the individuals and organizations that have a need for your products and services.

2. Preparation -- Gathering information to assist you in contacting the prospect. Remember: preparation compensates for a lack of talent.

3. Process -- Understanding the prospect's needs, issues and concerns via a step-by-step sales process.

4. Product -- Understanding your product and interpreting the values, advantages, and benefits to your prospect.

5. Presentation -- Presenting your solution with confidence, competence and comfort.

6. Person -- Possessing the belief in yourself and understanding your role as a business problem solver.

Obviously, these will vary with your sales environment, industry, and prospect base. Yet, the above-mentioned categories are important for most sales success. By mastering these elements, you will attain greater sales achievement.

Source: Sales trainer/author Bryan Flanagan