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Sales Tip - Upsell a Video

There must have been 40 proven money-making ideas or more from a panel presentation this week at the NAB Show called "Small and Medium Market Idea Exchange," but the ideas were applicable to any size market.

One was a simple idea and is generating big dollars for stations: How to upsell clients a video that runs on your website.

Carry a small, inexpensive video camera with you, perhaps even use your smartphone or tablet, to capture video of your client's business, an interview with your client, or maybe a testimonial from a happy customer of your client (make sure you get a signed release and give them some compensation -- there are simple release forms available online if you do a quick search). When you are visiting the client, just ask if you may shoot some video, pull out your camera, and get the footage.

When you get back to the station, have your production director or webmaster edit the footage into a quick video commercial. If your stations don't have someone to video edit, do it yourself. The tools available on PC or Mac are inexpensive or even free for simple programs capable of editing a web-quality video. Have your production director add music and voice-over.

Take the video commercial back to the client and play it. Upsell existing advertisers or use the video to increase your closing ratio of integrated advertising campaigns.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB