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Sales Tip - If You Are Not Prepared, Don't Get Out of the Car

Before your CNA appointment, research the prospect's industry, company and decision-maker. Use this checklist of resources and add your own:

  • RAB's Instant Backgrounds (http://www.rab.com/secure/ibs/ibs.cfm)
  • RAB's Articles on Demand (http://www.rab.com/secure/aod/aod.cfm?from=articles)
  • RAB's Ad-To-Sales Ratios (http://www.rab.com/secure/sales/adsales.cfm?from=adsale)
  • Prospect's website
  • Prospect's social media sites
  • Prospect's mobile website or app
  • Online search of the prospect's company, products, Industry trade association, organizational chart
From your research, prepare informed questions that provide insight into the advertiser's integrated media needs. The better your questions, the better information you will uncover. The better information you have, the better proposal you can write. The better the proposal, the better odds you will close.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB