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Sales Tip - 'What Do You Have On Closing?'

A member recently asked what RAB has on "Closing." We replied that closing is not a stand-alone element, but the culmination of a process.

Borrowing from RAB's Professional Development courses, a proven process is Seven Steps To Selling Success. They are: Prospect, Appointment, Research, CNA, Proposal, Presentation, Close.

Closing ratios increase when you prospect businesses that have customers similar to your typical listeners and you qualify the prospect.

Closing improves when you get an appointment and set expectations for your CNA meeting. See sample appointment-getting script on rab.com under the Appointment tab (deep link: http://www.rab.com/public/apptScript.pdf) and sample questions under the CNA tab (deep link: http://www.rab.com/public/reports/cr.pdf).

Closing improves when you research to learn the client's business and use a customer-centric approach See Instant Backgrounds on rab.com (deep link: http://www.rab.com/secure/ibs/ibs.cfm).

Closing improves when you use an 8-element proposal focusing on benefits to the client. See a sample proposal on rab.com (deep link: http://www.rab.com/rabrsa/TheHondaStoreProposal.pdf).

Closing improves when you engage the client during your presentation and get agreement all along the way.

If you are interested in information on our sales training courses that cover Closing further, please contact Rob Boaden, rboaden@rab.com, (800) 344-9961.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB)