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Sales Tip - Using Your Time Wisely

The harder you work, the luckier you get. There's no getting around it; it takes effort to get lucky. Tiny pieces of luck seep into every small step you take toward your goal. Put all those steps together, and you've got your lucky break!

Luck is created by increasing the frequency of those activities that are most likely to lead to success. For instance, a salesperson who calls on 10 people is going to be luckier in terms of finding a viable prospect than a salesperson who calls on just two people.

One way to help increase your activity level is with something I call the "Time Management Test." It's really very simple: Starting on Monday, keep a journal of what you're doing every hour that you're working. If you start at 9:00, stop work at 9:55 and record what your last hour's activity has been. Do the same thing at the end of each hour throughout the day.

On Friday, compare that week's activity and productivity to the week before. I guarantee you will have accomplished more during your journal-keeping week. It's a proactive way to think about how you can work more efficiently, and you'll automatically start allocating your time more wisely.

Source: Sales consultant/author Barry Farber