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Sales Tip - Five Key Attributes of Salespeople

According to a survey of some 5,000 executives, conducted by a joint team at the Sales Executive Council and Marketing Leadership Council, respondents were asked to list 50 key attributes of salespeople in order of importance. Here are the top five:

1. Offers unique and valuable perspectives on the market.
2. Helps me navigate alternatives.
3. Provides ongoing advice or consultation.
4. Helps me avoid potential land mines.
5. Educates me on new issues and outcomes.

Each of these attributes speaks directly to an urgent need of the customer not to buy something, but to learn something. They're looking for salespeople to help them identify new opportunities to cut costs, increase revenue, penetrate new markets and mitigate risks in ways they may not recognize.

The message from the customer is clear: "Challenge me. Teach me something new."

Source: Adapted from The Challenger Sale, by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson