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Sales Tip - Digital Attraction Strategies

Traditional prospecting strategies are important, but sometimes you need other ways to break through prospects' delete barrier and digital attraction strategies can help.

Here are just a few digital attraction strategies that can help you maximize your prospecting and grab new contacts' attention.

1. Dig Into Social Networking
Most sellers think that doing research on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is enough when it comes to integrating social networking into their prospecting. There's plenty more you can do!

Connect with prospects on LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter. Join groups where your prospects are.

Once you're connected in some way, using your social network to send direct messages may get past gatekeepers when nothing else will.

Start discussions, comment on posts, and re-tweet to be visible while emphasizing your credibility in your target market. Your goal here is to get and keep prospects hooked on you!

2. Blog!
If you want to build awareness with your prospects, be seen where they're visiting. Write articles or blog for sites they frequent. These are perfect vehicles for showcasing your expertise. They can also help to keep your prospects watching you.

Tailor each piece specifically to your target market, writing about issues they're experiencing and offering suggestions and tips. People trust and respond to experts who provide good ideas and tips that really work. Be one of those experts.

3. Send Out E-Newsletters
E-newsletters have been around for quite a while now, and aren't quite as "cutting-edge" as other digital prospecting techniques. They are, however, ideal for helping you to stay in consistent touch with prospects who aren't yet ready to buy and customers who haven't purchased in the past year.

One great thing about e-newsletters is that they allow you to stay in touch without having to worry about whether or not you're being too pushy. It's one of the least invasive digital attraction strategies. You provide valuable content while reminding prospects that you're available to help.

Prospecting can seem impossibly difficult at times, but it doesn't have to be! By supplementing your personal attraction strategies with digital strategies, you can build awareness, demonstrate your expertise and attract the prospects that are right for you.

Source: Sales speaker/consultant Kendra Lee