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Sales Tip - Increase Your Pre-Call, Pre-Meeting Research

To survive in today's business world, you need to invest time researching your prospects BEFORE you contact them to arrange a meeting or appointment.

Meeting with an executive and saying, "I'd like to take a few minutes to find out exactly what you do and what problems you're facing" will not get you very far.

Corporate executives and key decision-makers are too busy to educate you. They expect you to know AND understand their business and the challenges they are encountering. They don't have time to listen to a self-serving sales pitch that does not address their specific needs.

Conducting pre-call, pre-meeting research is absolutely essential if you want to survive in today's tough economy.

It is the ante. The price to play the game.

If you don't do the homework before contacting a high-quality prospect, you run the risk of losing the business to a competitor who took the time, did some research, and was able to position his or her offering more effectively.

Source: Sales consultant/author Kelley Robertson