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Sales Tip - Trust Builders

Strong customer relationships are usually built by applying behaviors called "trust builders." Here are five critical ones:

1. Truth. You give fair and balanced presentations and clear statements of benefits. Your product or service does everything you promise. The proof you use to support your words is credible. Subsequent events prove your statements to be true.

2. Dependability. Your actions fulfill your promises and fit a pattern of dependable actions you have established. You never promise what you can't deliver.

3. Competence. You display technical command of products and applications. You have the skill, knowledge, time and resources to do what you promise and what the buyer wants. Your words and actions are consistent with a professional image.

4. Intent. You place the customer's interests on a par with your own, and make a commitment to be there, to be responsive, to always act in the customer's best interests. You won't push a product the customer doesn't need.

5. Likeability. Prospects want to deal with salespeople they enjoy. They like salespeople who are courteous and polite and make efficient use of their time. You and the prospect may share and talk about areas of commonality, even extending to non-business topics.

Source: Adapted from Built on Values, by Ann Rhoades, president of People Ink