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Sales Tip - Overheard at Yesterday's RAIN Summit in Orlando

Hundreds of attendees heard ideas, tips, and tools to sell more digital, especially streaming, at the RAIN Summit in Orlando. The Summit is held as a pre-conference to the NAB/RAB Radio Show that starts today (www.radioshowweb.com).

Here are a few samples of what we heard that you, too, may be able to use:

-- "Alternative revenue means alternative advertisers. Don't keep going back to the same people. Use digital to go after advertisers who are NOT using your radio advertising." ~ Daniel Anstandig, Listener Driven Radio

-- "To sell branded online radio stations, digital streaming with visual display, you have to make sure your client is committed to branding. It takes a long time to build brand and clients must be committed for a long period and use other media to drive traffic." ~ Dan Weiner, Pandora

-- Westwood One told of why they created Players Playlists for football fans to listen to players' music mixes. "It's common for TV coverage to show players wearing earbuds as they get off the bus. It's part of the pre-game ritual. So what is their playlist? People want to engage with it. And Westwood One is selling ads around the feature. What have you observed about your listeners' interests and how could you turn that into a product that will attract advertisers?" ~ Matt Cutair, Westwood One

-- "The best way to sell digital is to start. Once you sell a digital campaign it awakens you to the opportunity. Salespeople often say after their first sale: 'That wasn't so hard. I should have been asking other clients to buy digital.'" ~ Kurt Gentry, Radiate Media

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB