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Sales Tip - Radio Commercials Drive Online Searches for the Product

An RAB member asked if we had anything on radio's effectiveness at driving traffic to client websites.

Here is some of the information we provided:

-- In the Advertiser section of rab.com there are case studies (deep link: http://www.rab.com/public/ncs/caseStudies.cfm?section=adv). The Aloft study points out positives of radio driving web traffic.

-- The Integrated Marketing Campaign Winner at this year's Radio Mercury Awards (www.radiomercuryawards.com) for Little Caesars (deep link to their submission: http://vimeo.com/65683822) is a good example of the power of radio, although not directly driving people to a website, but first to a telephone message. Documented results are at the end of the video.

-- Take a look at the "Why Radio" section of rab.com. It's in Radio Resources under the Research link of the Nav bar. There is one slide in particular that shows radio increases brand browsing (deep link: http://www.rab.com/whyradio/images/PwrPt_slides/WhyRadio_Slide8.jpg).

-- Also within "Why Radio," there is the Radio Ad Lab study -- Radio and the Internet (yes it is dated but all the new studies confirmed RAL findings).

-- The TargetSpot studies are an example of a study confirming the RAL study (http://www.targetspot.com/targetspot-research/).

-- There is an FAQ on "Why Radio" (http://www.rab.com/whyradio/faq13.cfm) that covers radio as a traffic building medium.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB