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Sales Tip - Effective Communication

Think of being in an area where you have a weak signal for your mobile phone. When passing through a poor reception area, receiving is difficult, often your call is dropped -- the interference hinders your ability to communicate effectively. Apply this analogy to personal communication. Whether it is an interview, sales presentation, family discussion or manager-to-employee feedback session; effective communication requires openness and trust.

If you are the sender, here are several tips to increase your effectiveness. PREP: Plan, Rehearse, Edit and Psych. Preparation is key -- plan what you want to communicate. Who, what, where, when, how and why are all elements of the plan. Plan to make your message audience focused by finding out what is important to the receiver of your message, how can you best reach them and why is your communication important to THEM.

During your "PREP," find out as much about your audience as possible, this will help you forge a stronger connection with them. Use the Internet to gather your intelligence. Google them, check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook and company websites. With this information you will be able to relate on a more personal and specific level. Take time to put your audience at ease with you, and the direction you are going, before you attempt to communicate your message. Remember, it is all about them -- not you!

The two-way process requires that you are an effective listener. In order to build trust you need to demonstrate mutual respect, by listening to what your audience is saying. Understand and verify, by repeating back key points and summarizing what you believe the other person has told you. Be helpful and patient in communicating any information that your audience may have difficulty understanding. Ask to be certain there is clarity and understanding for both of you. Remember, we all process information differently.

Several barriers that limit communication:

* We assume that sending messages equals sharing meaning. Think of how we are suffering from information overload, emails, social websites, phone calls, mobile devices and the tyranny of the urgent. How effective is your message in this environment?

* We forget that meanings are held in people, not in words. In our rush to do all that we "must" do we fail to connect and make time for EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

* Effective communication is not about the speaker's intended message...it is about what the listener perceives. Listen for understanding; build trust with mutual respect and think of the value of each individual.

Source: Sales coach Paul Anovick