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Sales Tip - Radio: One-to-One-to-One-to-One

People listen to radio one at a time. Now that may seem obvious, but why do many of today's radio commercials seem to be written for an earlier time when people actually gathered around the family radio? We all hear commercials start out with "Hello sports fans," or "Heartburn sufferers," or "Listen up, pet owners," or my favorite, "Hey New York, New Jersey!"

Even in a car full of commuters listening to the same station, each person has a personal one-to-one relationship with the radio. Each one is creating their own visuals. Each person, with their individual tastes, feelings, dreams, and experiences, is listening and co-creating with the stimuli the radio commercial is offering.

The most effective way to reach somebody is to talk to them as if they were right there with you. As you're writing, picture a member of your target demographic or psychographic group. What's their height, weight, hair, eye, and skin color? What are they going through today? When might they be listening? What are they feeling?

Now, with a clear picture of that person in your mind, just talk to them about whatever product or service you're selling. You'll find an effective commercial will flow naturally, that will touch each person listening one at a time.

Source: Veteran radio creative consultant Jeffrey Hedquist

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