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Sales Tip - If I Had a Dollar For Every Time...

"We are trading radio dollars for digital dimes." Many broadcasters have said that. Maybe you have said it. And in many cases it is true. But those dimes are adding up.

Successful radio stations are selling more than on-air spots. Brian Foster, VP/NextMedia360, speaking at the Radio Show last month, said their stations are generating significant revenue by selling digital services that include social, on location, and broadcast.

Under social, NextMedia360 offers reputation management and Facebook managing.

On location is storefront and website creative and development

Broadcast includes not only on-air, but also print.

Incorporating these elements into integrated campaign recommendations increases digital revenue, and importantly, increases on-air revenue as well.

The complete presentation, called "True Digital, Pay Paul without Robbing Peter," is available at no cost for on-demand viewing through the end of the year at www.RadioShowWeb.com.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB