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Sales Tip - DON’T Always Be Closing

You may know the movie Glengarry Glen Ross and the scene where Alec Baldwin is imploring his sales staff to "A, B, C -- Always Be Closing." But do prospect and clients want us to ALWAYS be closing?

Last week's comments from Barry Merrill, President and GM of Grand Ledge Ford Lincoln in Grand Ledge, MI, speaking at the DASH conference in Detroit, reminded me of the problem when salespeople are ALWAYS trying to close. He had some harsh words about radio salespeople.

Merrill said there was too much turnover in sales reps, and they were just trying to hit their budgets -- there was no relationship-building. He went from spending all of his advertising dollars on radio to spending nothing on radio.

I had a life insurance salesman I did business with for over 20 years. He invited me to breakfast every 6 months to review my insurance needs. More often than not he said: "John, I believe your current insurance is right for you. Let's review it again in 6 months." Then at the times he recommended that I add coverage, I trusted him, appreciated his recommendation, and accepted his offer.

When my longtime insurance salesman retired, a new salesman was assigned to me. Every time he called or we got together he was pushing some new, bigger, better insurance plan on me. I dropped him after a couple of years.

Don't always be closing. Between recommendations, provide general marketing information, competitive intelligence, recaps of past campaigns, and conduct reviews of current campaigns. You'll be more trusted, more respected, and close more business in the long run.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB with DASH coverage from Radio Ink, 10/24/13)