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Sales Tip - Sell Annual Endorsements for 2014

Kathleen Bricketto, digital consultant and former Beasley Broadcast Group Vice President of Digital, gave this advice at September's Radio Show that will help you increase your billing next year.

-- Approach clients already in an endorsement partnership for a digital upgrade in 2014.
-- Change the endorsement package for new clients to include digital upgrades with streaming emphasis and do not accept one without it.
-- Be sure that you are focused on maximizing total endorsement opportunities per station and per personality.
-- Take the client to events whenever the personality appears.
-- Meaningful digital assets should be matched up with the most significant spending partners.

The complete presentation, called "True Digital, Pay Paul without Robbing Peter," is available at no cost for on-demand viewing at www.RadioShowWeb.com.

Source: John Potter, SVP/Professional Development, RAB