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Sales Tip - The Importance of Being Trustworthhy

The more your customer trusts you, the less risk your customer feels in dealing with you, and the less time he/she feels is necessary to invest in understanding the product, service or program you are offering. From the customer's perspective, it's easier and less risky to deal with someone you trust than with someone you don't trust.

And that can translate directly into dollars. I'm always willing to pay more for something if I can buy it with less risk. In other words, if I can buy it from a company or person I can trust. On the other hand, I'd rather not buy something at all if I have suspicious feelings about the vendor.

Life's too short, and business is too busy to deal with people you can't trust. The question, then, for you as a salesperson is this: Do your customers see you as trustworthy?

That's a difficult question to answer. You can't just ask them, because you know you are unlikely to hear a candid response. But you can gain a sense of their perception of you by looking for some of the symptoms of trust or a lack of it.

For example, if you find your customers sometimes buying from a higher priced source, or buying a product or service you consider to be inferior, it may be that your customer doesn't trust you!

On the other hand, if you find your customers accepting your word, and choosing to deal with you, even when you are offering an identical product at a higher price, then chances are they do trust you. Your reputation for honesty and integrity has been a smart business strategy, resulting in measurable benefits to you.

Unfortunately, a reputation for trustworthiness and honesty is not an outcome of one event or a single transaction. It doesn't develop out of some clever phrases you memorize and repeat. Rather, it develops over time as you adhere to a set of ethical standards in small as well as big things. It's not a technique you use, but rather it's the person you chose to become.

As you strive to adhere to the standard of absolute honesty and integrity in all that you do, you'll develop a character trait that will become evident to everyone around you, including your customers. And that is good business as well as good morals.

Source: Sales trainer/author Dave Kahle