Rising Through The Ranks 2017
Nashville, TN

Instructor's Recommended Reading

Erica Farber    

Brandeis C. Hall    

Danielle Outlaw    

Ruth Presslaff    

Brooke Williams     

Dan Endom     

Dan Spears     

Lynn Anderson     

Laurie Kahn     

Lindsay Cerajewski    

Joe D'Angelo     

Val Maki     

Denyse Mesnick     

Erika Sylvia     

Dreams of My Farber. - Erica Farber

It's NOT "Bran-DICE" - Brandeis C. Hall

My In-laws Are Outlaws - Danielle Outlaw

Not A Good Day? PRESS LAFF - Ruth Presslaff

On the Good Ship Membership - Brooke Williams

The Beginom and the Endom- Dan Endom

And I Arrows Too - Dan Spears

I Promise You Rose Garden (NOT) - Lynn Anderson

Kahnstant Reminders - Laurie Kahn

If you say "Jew Ski" - POW! - Lindsay Cerajewski

Angelo on my Shoulder - Joe D'Angelo

I Put the "Val" in VALUE - Val Maki

I'm the Boss of Me - Denyse Masnik

Life with 2 First Names - Erika Sylvia


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