Rising Through The Ranks 2017
Nashville, TN
August 16-17, 2017

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), in conjunction with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group (MIW), is pleased to announce the successful completion of the tenth annual Rising Through the Ranks Women in Radio Management & Leadership Training Program. Thirty-one scholarship recipients were welcomed at the BMI Offices on August 16-17. Scholarships were courtesy of BMI.

Scholarship recipients were selected and awarded by the three organizations. The two-day seminar focused on the specific needs of women in radio management roles and worked to enhance their overall knowledge and skills.


"Rising Through the Ranks was an incredible experience that taught me how to better improve my brand, build stronger relationships within my organization, and introduced me to an inspiring new tribe of women who have forever shaped my life both personally and professionally!" - Cortney Matern, Katz Radio Group

"It’s difficult to put into words the emotion, gratitude, and appreciation I have for this beautiful opportunity/experience.  I am so honored to have been chosen for this rewarding program to grow and meet others in my industry!" - Rachael Hall, Midwest Family Broadcasting

"Knowing that other, successful, talented women have the same challenges was huge for me. I could honestly feel the love and support from women I just met! I have a better understanding of my worth and what I bring of value to my station, listeners, and the industry." - Jillene Khan, E. W. Scripps Co.

"This program was a valuable reinforcement that the small things we do for our team and clients each day do add up for the greater good of our industry.  I have gained the courage to think bigger!" - Kay Lee Smith, impact Radio Group

"Rising Through the Ranks has given me the ability to grow personally and professionally. It was an honor to attend a conference with such outstanding women in the radio industry. If you are looking for a fresh perspective for your career, I highly recommend attending; you will not be disappointed." - Delia Jackson, Cromwell Media

"The empowerment of women over the last 2 days is energizing and contagious. I can’t wait to get to work spreading this amazing experience and working to empower others." - Kelli Frieler, Leighton Broadcasting

"The training I have received over the last two days has re-energized me. I feel renewed with a passion to go help my team achieve great things together." - Juliette Torrenti, Lotus Broadcasting

"Rising Through the Ranks encourages women to strive together; always be improving. 'She believed she could, so she did.'" - Aly Tripp, Beasley Media Group

"I enjoyed the wide variety of topics and the presentations were delivered in unique manners. I was extremely impressed by my peers of all ages and all-sized markets; a witty and knowledgeable group." - Lindsay Lazar, CBS Radio

"Rising Through the Ranks really opened my eyes to the numerous opportunities in the radio industry, digital media, and integrated media. I am honored to have been chosen to be here." - Janet E. McGrath, Entercom Communications

"I feel more optimistic about my abilities and my growth potential and I can’t wait to put what I have learned into action! Thank you for helping me find my new tribe!!" - Aleese Fielder, NRG Media

"I've gained so much respect for the radio industry and am so excited for where we’re going. I have the tools for helping me the next crop of innovative radio movers and shakers; and that’s priceless." - Jordyn Byington, Emmis Communications

Rising Through The Ranks - 2017

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2017 Yearbook

2017 Student Presentations:
Aleese Fielder - Pride TLC Therapy and Living Center
Allison Lightfield - CMA Party
Aly Tripp - Miami Trip Giveaway - Tampa 2017
Suzanne Montoya - Jimmy Chooz Days
Calleigh Moore - Kids Care Dental 2017 - Valentines Day Cards v2
Chelsey Dickinson - P.M. Standley Annual Campaign 1a
Cortney Matern - Salvation Army
Delia Jackson - Bike Nite & Full-Throttle Friday
Emily Yourie - Food Truck Festival 2017 - SPRINT
Janet McGrath - Chanello's 2017 Case Study Entercom Norfolk
Jenni Grouws - Snowman Challenge
Jillene Khan - Hunger Task Force
Jordyn Byington - Coors Light Klipsch SummerPromotions HANK FM
Juliette Torrenti - Mother's Day Gala 2017
Kasey Cain - StitchFix and CBS Radio Sacramento
Kay Lee Smith - Zip Idaho Recap
Kelli Frieler -Wild Country Cash Machine
Kelly Meyer - Halloween Walk Presentation
Kourtney Thompson - Circle K 97X BBQ Recap
Lindsay Lazar - Destination Solar System
Lindsey Martin - Deliver The Gift of Christmas
MacKenzie Schmidt - Larry Paul Tanning Salon
Michelle Mariano - Kaylee Goes Sky-Vibeing
Miranda Crawford - Summit Connect
Morgan Carson - Sweet Spot River Shot
Rachael Hall - Job Fair PP
Taunya Iverson - Foreman Watson Holtrey

2017 Speaker Presentations:
Denyse Mesnick | MIW Guest Speaker
Budgeting Forecasting P&L - Erika Sylvia
Building Your Personal Brand - Erica Farber
Having Difficult Conversations - Val Maki
Integrated Solutions Strategies - Lindsay Cerajewski
Making Money With HD Channels - Joe D'Angelo
Managing Multiple Generations - Brandeis C Hall
Managing Personality Types - Brandeis C Hall
Managing Up and Down - Danielle Outlaw
RAB Member Benefits - Brooke Williams
Recruiting Hiring and Firing - Laurie Kahn
Role of Today's Radio Manager - Dan Endom
Tune In With BMI - Dan Spears
Making Money With HD Channels - Joe D'Angelo
Women in the Radio Workplace - Denyse Mesnik

2017 Handouts:
Having Difficult Conversations Handout - Val Maki
Recruitment Job Profile
Recruitment Social Media

This Year's Graduates: Instructors:

Jordyn Byington - Emmis Communications
Kasey Cain - CBS Radio
Morgan Carson - IdaVend Broadcasting
Miranda Crawford - Always Mountain Time
Chelsea Dickinson - CBS
Aleese Fielder - NRG Media
Jenni Grouws - Decorah Broadcasting
Rachel Hall - Midwest Family Broadcasting
Taunya Iverson - Cromwell Radio Group
Delia Jackson - Cromwell Radio Group
Jillene Khan - EW Scripps
Lindsay Lazar - CBS Radio
Allison Lightfield - Leighton Broadcasting
Michelle Mariano - Southern Stone Communications
Lindsey Martin - Entercom
Courtney Matern - KATZ Radio Group
Janet McGrath - Entercom
Kelly Meyer - iHeartMedia
Suzanne Montoya - WPST-FM/Connoiseur Media
Cealleigh Moore - Entercom
Jennifer Quiroz - BMI
Mackenzie Schmidt - Midwest Communications
Jeanne Smith - iHeartMedia
Kay Lee Smith - Impact Radio Group
Courtney Thompson - Cox Media Group
Juliette Torrenti - Lotus Broadcasting
Aly Tripp - Beasley Media Group
Elizabeth Wallin - Cromwell Radio Group
Emily Yourie - CBS Radio

Erica Farber, President and CEO, RAB

Brandeis C. Hall, VP, Professional Development, RAB

Brooke Williams, VP Membership, RAB

Lynn Anderson, CEO, Integrated Media Solutions Group

Caroline Beasley, CEO, Beasley Broadcasting

Lindsay Cerajewski, General Sales Manager, CBS Radio, WSCR-Chicago

Joe D'Angelo, SVP Marketing and Broadcast Business, Ibiquity

Laurie Kahn, President/CEO, Media Staffing Network

Val Maki, VP, Market Manager, L.A. - Meruelo Media

Dan Endom, Region President - TN, AL, MS, iHeartMedia

Denyse Mesnik, President, The Mesnik Group

Danielle Outlaw, VP-Sales, Neuhoff Media

Ruth Presslaff, President, Presslaff Interactive Revenue

Dan Spears, Vice President, Licensing, BMI

Erika Sylvia, Controller, Emmis Communications



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