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Targeting Market by Market to Drive Call Volume

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  • Radio formats target specific listener groups far better than TV channels target specific viewer groups. ¹
    • TV's high cost structure necessitates attracting broad audiences to be successful and is programmed with that goal in mind. ¹
  • Radio - with lower costs and many stations - can focus on narrow segments that are carefully designed for their specific appeal to different age and socio-economic groups. ¹
  • Because Radio targets so well, a high percent of listeners on a selected station will be your target market - so the total listeners CPM will be very close to the target CPM. ¹
  • Radio advertising drives action, behavior and response. Based on a survey of over 2,000 P12+: ²
    • 43% visited advertised restaurant.
    • 41% visited the advertised store.
    • 39% talked about the ad or product with others.
    • 28% recommended advertised product to others.
    • 28% visited the advertiser's website.
    • 16% called the advertised product or store.
    • 40% say listening to the radio gets them in a better mood.

  • Media Dynamics Inc. analyzed the impact of revising an all-TV media plan to a revised plan that converted 1/3 of TV dollars into Radio over a four-week time frame. The results were³:
    • Among the Top quintile (heaviest TV viewers), target grps decreased slightly (135 grps) but there was a percentage increase in reach versus an all-TV plan.
    • Third quintile grps increased by 41% (+365) and a positive 8% change in reach.
    • Lightest TV viewers (fifth quintile) target grps increased by 625 - nearly three-fold over the TV-only plan of 200. Additionally, there was a positive impact to percent reach - up 52% in the media mixed plan compared to the TV-only plan. (For specific information go to: www.MediaDynamicsInc.com)

  • According to MBI USA TouchpointsTM 2012.2, when a portion of TV budget is allocated to radio, there was an increase to the reach, frequency and ad receptivity of the campaign. 4
  • Based on an online sample of 622 radio listeners 18-54, 38% stated that radio has frequent messages that stay with you. 5

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