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How many Radio stations does the average listener
tune in to each week?

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On average, Nielsen Audio's's PPM shows that listeners are exposed to 6 Radio stations per week.

PPM (actual electronic measurement) confirms that consumers listen to more Radio stations than the estimated 3 per week shown by Diary measurement (listener recall).

(Analysis of Nielsen Audio's PPM vs. Diary, 2009)

Cume Persons is the number of different persons who listened to a station for a minimum of 5 minutes within a reported daypart. (Cume estimates may also be referred to as Cumulative or Unduplicated estimates.)

Average Quarter-Hour (AQH) Persons is the number of persons listening to a particular station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period. AQH listening by a single person is counted for each 15-minute period that listener is tuned in - hence there is duplication in reported AQH estimates.

(Definitions from Nielsen Audio's "A Guide to Understanding and Using Radio Audience Estimates")