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Personality Endorsements

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Radio, with its human voice to convince, can be used to persuade and influence listeners.

  • According to Jacobs TechSurvey 11 (2015), given multiple choices 55% of respondents listened to the radio to hear the DJs/Hosts or particular Shows that are on the air.
  • According to a 2014 RAB Finding Consumer Trends Report focused on healthcare, those who are influenced by radio advertising showed a 55% increase in trust based on local personalities’ testimonials.

Personality Testimonials Drive Listener Trust

  • According to a study conducted by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism:
    • 75% of study respondents reported that they turn on the radio because they know their favorite personality is on the air.
    • 72% of respondents talk to their friends about their favorite radio personality or what they heard on the program.
    • 52% stated their favorite personality influences their opinion.
    • 51% considered or purchased a product advertised during their favorite personality’s show.
  • According to a 2013 NuVoodoo Media Services study based on a national online sample of 622 radio listeners 18-54:
    • 38% stated that radio ads have messages that they retain.
    • 48% stated that the DJ’s add to the experience.
    • 52% stated you get information together with music.

Advertisers use DJ endorsements to build trust, drive business and website traffic.

  • Element Hotels used DJ endorsements along with content sponsorship programs to build brand awareness, increase new registrations and drive website traffic. Element Hotels experienced increased website traffic during and weeks after the campaign. At its peak, traffic increased 102%.*
  • Select Caribou Coffee locations experienced an increase in in-store traffic after radio station personalities tried one of their new beverage offerings and talked it up on-air.*
  • Go Daddy used radio personalities in certain test markets to promote the ease of owning and building a website via Go Daddy. In markets where the radio campaign ran, there were more successful of click-throughs and CPA's than in those markets that did not have radio advertising.*

Radio and DJ endorsements are great at reaching a large number of consumers and getting them to your location.

  • Target has experienced increases in sales and store traffic for many campaigns when using radio station personalities as part of campaign strategies for the Holiday Season, to promote their expanded grocery section, baby registry, and pet care products. Target's use of radio and its on-air personalities for the Holiday campaign earned it a Mediaweek’s “Plan of the Year” award for Radio in 2010.*

Endorsements brought to life in a number of different ways can be customized by brand:

  • Authentic chatter inside their shows
  • Personal experiences conveyed to listeners
  • On-air mentions/billboards/promos
  • Interviews

*Visit www.rab.com for these and additional case studies.