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Reach vs. Frequency

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From The Ephron Letter, 06/05, "Reach Trumps Frequency":

  • Radio is often ignored because it is considered a Frequency medium
  • When Radio is planned differently -- especially based on new Arbitron PPM data -- it is an ideal Reach Medium
  • Recency is the concept that ads are most effective when they remind people about brands they know, at the time they happen to need the product
  • Recency is a "reminding" not a "remembering" model
  • The difference is critical because "reminding" is a stimulus that can be controlled, while "remembering" is a response that can't be controlled
  • "Reminding" is a perfect job for Radio when used as a Reach medium
  • Contact 3 consumers 1X rather than 1 consumer 3X times, because that 1 consumer is far less likely to need the product than any 1 of the 3 would be
  • Given that someone in the market is usually more receptive to advertising for that product, fewer messages are needed: Reach, not Frequency
  • Buy Radio for moderate weekly Reach and more weeks of advertising: avoid concentrated, flighted schedules that build too much Frequency; reduce weight and add weeks of advertising to increase Reach