Got questions about Radio? We have answers.

The Future of Radio

  • Streaming
    • There are over 7,2001 streaming radio stations today:
      • Offering listeners exclusive audio and video content like in-studio interviews, concerts, on-demand video.
      • Ability to personalize a playlist based on listener's music preference or mood.
  • Mobile Apps
    • Content available across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and in-dash infotainment systems.
  • Infinite breadth for signals and content through online radio and HD Radio platforms:
    • Specialized niche channels (24 hour weather/traffic/news/stock info, etc.).
    • Seasonal and focused programming (Financial, Holiday, Real Estate, etc.).
  • Expanded commerce opportunities
    • Instantaneous ownership of audio content (music, advertising messages/couponing, news programming, etc.).
  • Listener influenced programming:
    • Break or bust for new artists -- allow listeners the ability to control fame or flame.
    • Citizen journalism.
  • FM Ready Smartphones - NextRadio
    • Over the next three years, 30 million smartphones with an FM chip will hit the market
  • Advertising opportunities will include: full screen ads, couponing, text to win, location based services and more.
    • As of May 20153:
      • Over 2.3MM app downloads
      • Over 11,665 FM Radio stations tuned to from the app
      • Over 4.4MM hours of listening
  • HD Radio
    • Improved audio and expanded content.
    • Interactive/data/visual/time shifting.
    • On-demand features.
    • Real-time traffic on navigation systems.
    • # of HD stations growing rapidly: 2,200 stations broadcasting their primary signal with HD Radio Technology.
    • Over 23 million HD Radio receivers are in the marketplace2.

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