According to a January 2018 post in Chief Marketer, over 70% of marketers in the U.S. used influencers in their 2017 marketing plans and 95% found it to be effective. Many thought leaders reported that influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods of advertising available given the low cost, high engagement and improved targeting abilities.

Do you remember the transistor radio or the boom box? I vividly remember receiving a hot pink, AM/FM combo with CD player unit for my 10th birthday and I carried it around with me EVERYWHERE I went. For the first time, I could listen to the stations that I wanted to listen to, the music that made me happy and share with my friends – wherever I went, the party went!

Author: Erik Hellum, Chief Operating Officer, Local Media, Townsquare Media

Data is everywhere. We are immersed in a society where everything is tracked – from steps taken and calories burned to social media post likes. We're becoming trained to always wonder – what are the stats behind this? How do they stack up? So why would our advertisers want anything different?

What do Radio Flyer and Coca-Cola have in common?

One is an iconic red wagon, the other is an iconic red can but they are both the big winners from this year’s Radio Mercury Awards.  Yes, in 2018, TWO campaigns were awarded Best of Show, walking away with a cool $25K each.

Radio Works for Niche Retailers.

A national retail advertiser was not experiencing business results from their digital efforts and turned to Katz Radio Group to embark on a test campaign that leveraged radio in 27 of the retailer’s key markets, with schedules running on over 90 radio stations targeted to females, ages 35-64.

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