Research Subcommittee Of The RAB-PPM Task Force Issues Preliminary Report

Findings Derived From Specific Research Questions

New York, New York – July 15, 2005 -- The Research Subcommittee of the RAB-PPM (PPM) Task Force has released a preliminary report that analyzes the commercial viability of the PPM from a research perspective.   This is a separate report from the PPM Economic Impact Study that will be released at a press conference next Wednesday in New York City.


Distributed to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Board of Directors, other Radio industry leaders, and the Radio industry trade press, the report provides detail on specific research questions about the implementation of the PPM.


The Subcommittee developed a total of 188 questions about the implementation of the PPM, the vast majority of which Arbitron has provided answers to so that the Subcommittee can conduct an evaluation of the PPM device.  The remaining questions will be answered from the forthcoming Houston market test.


To access a full copy of the report, including an introduction from RAB President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Fries, a description of the Subcommittee’s mandate, and a list of Research Committee members, please click here.


The Research Subcommittee was formed in January of 2004 and given a clear mandate by the RAB Board of Directors to determine the feasibility of the PPM as a commercial service from the research side of the business.


The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) is the sales and marketing arm of the Radio industry with nearly 7,000 members including close to 6,000 stations in the U.S., and over 1,000 associate members in networks, representative firms, sales, and international organizations.