Reinforcing the organization’s mission to attract new talent to the industry

NEW YORK - August 12, 2020 - Radio Advertising Bureau announces today the planned acquisition of the National Radio Talent System to offer a unified and integrated system of radio talent institutes across the United States, which will continue to discover and prepare the next generation of broadcasters.

The national system will continue to operate under its brand name and network of Radio Talent Institutes across the country with the oversight of the RAB, thus enabling it to operate as a feeder to radio broadcasters. RAB plans to continue the important work started by National Radio Talent System founder and president, Dan Vallie, who will advise the RAB as it integrates the institute into the organization.

“An integral part of the RAB’s mission is providing the industry with the tools and resources to help broadcasters attract new sales talent to the medium and enhance radio’s professionalism through training and support,” said RAB’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Erica Farber, “The integration of the National Radio Talent System into the RAB delivers on the mission in so many ways, and we are just delighted to continue to grow Dan Vallie’s vision and take it to the next phase.”

“The future of our companies is dependent on the next generation of committed, prepared, and talented radio professionals,” said Susan Larkin, Entercom Communications’ Chief Operating Officer and RAB Board Chair, “The National Radio Talent System is unique in that it provides a radio talent farm for the industry, an incubator of well-rounded, well-educated college talent with a passion for radio; that’s why investing in this program is good for the RAB and the industry.”


RAB’s curriculum has been an essential component of the institutes’ curriculum with RAB’s Professional Development training. College students, recent graduates and radio interns have to apply to be accepted into the intensive 10-day Institutes. Sessions include almost every aspect of radio including on-air, programming, sales, writing, news, sports, promotions, videography, podcasting, social media, engineering and management. Each student participates in RAB training and takes the exam to earn their Radio Marketing Professional Certification.

“The National Radio Talent System began as a labor of love because of the need the industry has had, and today more than ever, to discover, and prepare the next generation of broadcasters, who can be hired today and be leaders in our industry tomorrow”, said Vallie. “Today’s visionary broadcasters, universities and sponsors working together have made it a reality, and RAB has been there with us from the very first Radio Talent Institute. With Erica and the RAB’s passion, vision and infrastructure, I’m confident the National Radio Talent System will continue to grow and maximize it’s potential; assuring the industry of young talent on through this 21st century. I truly believe over the next 100 years radio will be the keystone of a golden age of audio, even more so by attracting these young talent to the industry. It’s people that make the difference, always has been and always will be”.

As previously announced, all 2020 programs were re-scheduled for 2021 due to COVID-19.

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The Radio Advertising Bureau serves more than 6,000 member Radio stations in the U.S. and over 1,000 member networks, representative firms, broadcast vendors and international organizations. RAB leads and participates in educational, research, sales and advocacy programs that promote and advance Radio as a primary advertising medium. For more information, log onto www.rab.com.

About the National Radio Talent System

The National Radio Talent System is a program of currently eight Radio Talent Institutes on college campuses across America. It is the first and only program of its kind in the world, discovering and preparing the next generation of broadcasters. For more information, log onto https://www.nationalradiotalentsystem.com/.

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