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Instant Backgrounds - Home Healthcare is now updated.

The Media Facts section provides an overview of media options competing with radio for advertising dollars – Digital Audio/Satellite Radio and Internet/Mobile/Social Media have been updated.

Use the Ad-to-Sales Ratio page to help determine how much money advertisers should allocate to their advertising budget.

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THIS WEEK: Leveraging Pro Sports Play-by-Play Rights for Revenue and Marketing Benefits

Live sports consumption continues to soar in an on-demand world. Brian Doughty and Ari Temkin, Good Karma Brands, will walk you through how to leverage live sports for the tremendous marketing and revenue opportunities they can generate. This presentation takes place at noon CT on Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

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Use RAB's Media Facts to understand today's media landscape

Every day, the media landscape is increasingly complex. As a sales marketing consultant, it is crucial for you to know and understand the current state of the media that advertisers are using. Use the Media Facts section, which includes the latest stats, observations, advantages and disadvantages of each medium and, more importantly, to highlight how radio improves and enhances the reach and effectiveness of other media. Each report looks at the state of the industry today for major media options. So, whether it's direct mail, newspapers, television or other media, RAB's Media Facts section provides an overview of key media categories vying for advertising dollars and details the value that radio offers compares to other media.

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Matter of Fact is a quarterly newsletter created to keep the advertising community in tune with radio. These articles are filled with data, insights, case studies and examples of the ways radio engages with listeners and delivers results for advertisers. We encourage you to subscribe, read and share these articles with your current and prospective clients.

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