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Data from the Nielsen: Optimizing Political Campaigns presentation highlights how radio can enhance political campaign impact.

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Register for the upcoming live presentation “Radio Works for Political” on March 6th at 12 PM CT.

The Media Facts from RAB provides an overview of key media categories competing with radio for advertising dollars.

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Most voters have already made up their minds about November

Nearly nine months before Election Day, 60% of registered U.S. voters say they've already decided who they're going to vote for. Another 25% say they have a strong commitment to their preferred presidential candidate and "probably won't change."

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Internet Competitive Media

The average US subscriber pays almost $1000 a year for streaming subscriptions

Video-streaming subscriptions have become as mainstream as cable once was for Americans, with 83% of people paying for at least one streaming service. But you may be wrong if you think you're saving money by using streaming services.

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Wealthier, urban Americans have access to more local news – while roughly half of US counties have only one outlet or less

Is local news readily available in your town? Do reporters still cover your school board and other municipal meetings? If you answered yes, you are likely wealthier than the average American, and you live in or near a metro area.

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