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An advertiser sponsored opportunity - Love, Your Mind, a mental health awareness campaign developed by the Ad Council and Huntsman Mental Health Institute.

The Performance Multiplier report highlight how radio can boost web traffic.

The Pitch - Cannabis and Roofing Contractors now available.

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Register for the upcoming live presentation “The Seven Steps To Selling Success - Customer Needs Analysis” on June 5th at 12 PM CT.

The Provoke Insights page offers radio listener insights and contains category research.

The Top Business Trends assists with determining the “hot” months for when your clients should advertise.



Over 50% Americans now identify as middle class

54% of Americans identify as middle class. This includes 39% as "middle class" and 15% as "upper-middle class." Since the Great Recession, class identification has remained stable with 53% identifying as middle class and 45% as working or lower class.

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Most Americans track election news but feel worn out

58% of Americans follow 2024 election news closely, up from 52% in April 2020. However, 62% are already fatigued by the coverage. Pew's survey of 8,709 adults reveals this trend, reflecting increasing engagement and simultaneous exhaustion.

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Why data is the new currency in restaurant tech

At the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show, data emerged as a crucial element behind tech innovations like robotic arms and POS systems. Operators increasingly value data for improving scheduling, inventory and customer insights, showcasing its vital role in modern restaurant operations.

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