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Data from the Nielsen: Optimizing Political Campaigns presentation highlights how radio can enhance political campaign impact.

Use The Pitch to aid with prospecting and sales – Political, Lawn & Garden, and Moving & Storage now available.

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Register for the upcoming live presentation “Radio Works for Political” on March 6th at 12 PM CT.

The Media Facts from RAB provides an overview of key media categories competing with radio for advertising dollars.

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The 2024 US elections: resonate reveals 10 primary voter segments critical to the election outcome

rAI, the Resonate AI data engine, which trains on four primary data sources including data from the nation’s largest continuous voter study, analyzed thousands of data points including those related to today’s most relevant political and policy issues, segmented the entire U.S. voter file into 10 U.S. Voter segments.

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2024 is a huge year for political advertising. What does that mean for other advertisers?

It's an election year in the U.S., one where we'll see record-breaking political ad spend. While political advertising is often viewed as a separate game from other industries, the trends set by campaigns ripple into the rest of the marketing atmosphere.

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African American Market

Most in US report familiarity with Black cultural influences

New data from the Gallup Center on Black Voices reveal that majorities of Americans, across racial groups, report that they are familiar with Black influences on American culture and think Black Americans are given credit and celebrated for their contributions.

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