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The Misperceptions of Radio can help you with having fact-based conversations with clients about the power of radio.

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The Multicultural Checklist offers points that marketing professionals should share to validate the value of the multicultural consumer.

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Demand for EVs declines amid industry challenges

Electric vehicle demand has dropped, with only 24% of shoppers considering a purchase, down from 26%. Challenges include vehicle affordability, charging infrastructure, and a lack of awareness about incentives.

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Retail Market

Americans willing to spend more to support local shops

Americans are ready to invest $2,000 more in 2024 to sustain local shops. They are willing to spend an extra $150 monthly. Over 65% visit Main Street regularly, and 75% feel upset when shops close. Local business support influences 85% of voters.

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Rising teletherapy trends reveal America's mental health priorities

Teletherapy has seen a 10% increase in use over the past five years, with 27% of U.S. adults using these services. Despite shifting attitudes, 30% of adults delayed or avoided treatment in the past year.

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