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Dr. Tony Alessandra explains the Executive Summary - Sales assessment bundle now available to members.

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The Executive Summary - Sales is a multi-dimensional tool, developed over 25-years, to answer any company's hiring and selection questions. The Executive Summary demystifies human performance questions with concrete performance answers and recommendations. This revolutionary instrument works by measuring and integrating three critical assessments:

  • The applicant's critical thinking capacity via The Hartman Value Profile.
  • The applicant's likely action steps, based upon what they want, via the Harvard based Motivators research.
  • The applicant's DISC behavior/communication style utilizing a newly integrated model that was developed to specifically identify the individual's level of effective interpersonal workplace dynamics.

Each Executive Summary report provides users actual answers and specific recommendations, calibrated to the sales job.

The Executive Summary – Sales bundle of assessments utilizes time-tested social science integrating Nobel nominated decision capacity research with Harvard based studies into internal motivation. The Executive Summary – Sales only draws from the most credited assessments, with proven track records of accuracy and efficacy.

Revealing scoring and data that’s easy to understand at-a-glance. Aren’t you tired of assessment reports that reference hundreds of disconnected data points? Now you can get both a performance overview, hiring recommendation, and a comprehensive guide as to how to coach and manage your potential candidate.

Over the years we've heard from countless managers about the difficulty in finding qualified sales talent to build their teams. We recognize that sales talent drives sales results.

We are pleased to partner with internationally known author, entrepreneur, and talent coach, Dr. Tony Alessandra to provide RAB Members with high quality assessments at low cost RAB Member pricing.

We believe that assessments can dramatically increase the quality of the people you hire, and reduce turn-over.

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