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Our strategy is simple: develop training programs for all stages of your radio career to help you achieve your full potential.

Live Training

Free Live Presentations

Throughout the year we invite industry leaders along with RAB leadership to focus on timely topics that help you gain insights into the ever changing marketplace.

Radio Sales Essentials Training

A great goal is best acheived with a good beginning. Our Sales Essentials training is the right start to a great career.

Leadership MasterClass®

The next step in leadership training designed to help propel current managers to the top of their game.

Rising Through The Ranks®

Focused leadership training for women in sales and management by radio's most successful women. It's YOUR turn to rise!

Certification Courses

Radio Marketing Professional®

RAB's Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) course makes the best of our highly-aclaimed classroom training available to your newest Radio sellers anytime, anywhere.

Certified Radio Marketing Consultant®

Take your consultative sales skills to the next level.

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant®

Advance your skills and improve your potential for success with RAB's digital certification training.

Content Creators - Certified Radio Marketing Consultant®

A special class for those content creators (production, promotions, social media, etc.) who bridge the gap between programming and sales.

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For RAB Professional Development Training, please call 1-800-232-3131 or contact:

Kim Johnson, or call her directly - 972-753-6759
Jeff Schmidt, or call him directly - 972-753-6765

Every prospective new hire has untapped potential as well as obvious (and not-so-obvious) strengths and weaknesses. Knowing those before you hire can help you build a more cohesive and productive team. Find out more here.

RAB Professional Development Team

Jeff Schmidt
SVP - Professional Development

Phone: 972-753-6765
Email: jschmidt@rab.com

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Jeff likes to start with why, and Jeff's why is: To Inspire engage, educate, equip, and empower people to believe in themselves, have confidence in their abilities, and achieve even greater levels of success - however they define success.

While his mother wanted him to become a preacher or a lawyer, Jeff Schmidt became a salesperson with the Midwest Family Broadcast Group in the 80s. He rose through the ranks as sales manager, market manager, and regional vice president and has served in various sales roles and organizations in his 30+ years in radio.

As Senior Vice President of Professional Development, Jeff Schmidt oversees the professional development group across all RAB's training services and works with the industry's leadership to continue to provide a professional development practice positioned to serve an evolving industry sales force focused on digital, solution based integrated marketing and sales efforts.

Jeff's passion is to help you get better. He lives his personal mission statement: Think BIG and make BIG things happen.

Kim Johnson
VP Professional Development

Phone: 972-753-6759
Email: kjohnson@rab.com

Kim Johnson is the Vice President of Professional Development for RAB. Kim brings an extensive background to the RAB team. She grew up in radio and one of her earliest memories is riding her tricycle through her family's first radio station prior to construction being complete. Now she is part owner of a broadcast group in Salida, Colorado.

During her time in radio sales she went through RAB training and credits most of her sales accomplishments to what she learned there and the research available from RAB. Her experience helps her relate to the needs and challenges that managers and sales executives face on a daily basis. Because of her passion for this industry she truly wants to help RAB members find the right training, tools and resources to achieve the growth and success they desire.

Guest Instructors

Dave Casper

SVP Digital Services


Kent Crosby

Manager Member Services


Tammy Greenberg

SVP Business Development


Dolores Nolan

VP Membership

212-681-7213 or 800-998-2153

Brooke Williams

Manager Member Services