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% state radio is audio source used in-car

Infinite Dial 2024

People 12+ listening each week

RADAR 160, Mar. 2024 (C) Nielsen Audio, M-Su 24-Hour Cume Est.

Hours listening each week

RADAR 160, Mar. 2024 (C) Nielsen Audio, M-Su 24-Hour Cume Est. P12+

% reached each month (P18+) -- Radio is America's #1 reach medium

Nielsen Audio Today June 2023


Radio is America's #1 reach medium. Explore here for ideas on how to put radio's unique marketing power to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Browse through a variety of topics covering commonly-asked questions about radio and its extraordinary ability to build brands and motivate consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Find other important research studies including various studies from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, The Infinite Dial, the Jacobs Media Tech Survey and more.

Radio Impact Reports


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Attribution Whitepaper

RAB's attribution white paper has been prepared to showcase methodology currently available to measure the effectiveness of radio by and across platforms. Attribution is of paramount importance to the advertising community and there are many providers with capabilities to measure campaign success across radio forms.

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Performance Multiplier

This report contains compelling evidence of radio's multiplier effect on results for performance marketers and aims to quantify the extent to which radio advertising can boost web traffic for online businesses, both short and/or longer term.

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Making the Case for the Power of Radio

Engagement Labs study commissioned by RAB conveys and underscores radio's unparalleled potential as a driver of brand discussions for advertisers. The study further explores how radio driven brand conversations impact and influence behavior, social issues and purchase intent for a range of category verticals.

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Listen Up!

The System 1 and Radiocentre Listen Up study provides a unique lens on creative effectiveness that can be used to inspire a new generation of audio advertising creativity. The research is uniquely positioned to help understand how to make audio advertising that stirs consumer passions to drives business profits.

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Top Cultural Trends of 2023

Horizon Media’s WHY Group has identified major cultural shifts and key forces at play influencing the nine trends we’re seeing unfold for 2023. They include ongoing inflation, an uncertain job market, a new Congress with a new party in power and a relaxing of the hypervigilance we held for the past three years. We’re starting to see the practical uses of technology that just a few years ago seemed futuristic, and at the same time, we’re grappling with the broader societal impact of these technologies.

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A Bright Future: The Evolution of Radio

This report shows how radio is evolving and continues to embrace technological advances to stay current and engage with the modern consumer. It also shares a glimpse into radio’s future from the perspective of audio professionals.

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Inflation Nation: The status of the "American Dream" and how brands can help.

The U.S. is having its highest inflation period in 40 years. And this time, a once-in-a-generation event is taking place on the heels of another once-in-a-generation event. Just as people emerge from two years of COVID lockdowns, they’re being greeted by insanely high prices for everything from gas and groceries to hotels and airfare - leading to a wallet lockdown.

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The Power of Actionable Audio Ads

Create stronger, more meaningful brand associations and drive sales by tapping into the powerful combination of conversations and voice commerce.


Time With Radio is Time Well Spent

Radio, across its platforms, is a go-to source for its great storytelling, the emotional connections it provides, the talent that consumers consider to be their friends and the trusted information and entertainment, whenever and wherever the listener wants and needs it. From rock to religion, from country to hip-hop, in Spanish, English or another language, radio is there offering diversity of content to a diverse listening audience.

No other media option can do all this. No other media offers this to consumers for FREE. The reality is quite simple; time spent with AM/FM radio is time well spent.

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Audio Pulse: Capturing Perceptions, Opinions and Intentions Among Marketers

Radio serves many purposes in the lives of its listeners. It’s a medium that is very special to local communities - big and small, as it brings many together in a way that feels very intimate. Radio is known for its great storytelling. We trust it for information and entertainment - for crucial information, such as where to take the kids this weekend or to simply turn it up and dance to the latest hits.  

New research shows how radio can help brands build relationships with consumers through the power of storytelling and shared passions. 

In conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), RAB brings you this presentation, which provides opinion poll results among marketers and a glimpse at how radio delivers on those insights.

ANA | RAB Presentation

New from Radio Matters

Read the latest blog posts, listen to the Radio on Main Street Podcast or  CLICK HERE  to get Radio Matters Blogs sent directly to your inbox.

17 July

Radio On Main Street Featuring Kevin Perry, President and CEO of Perry Publishing & Broadcasting

Author: Mike Hulvey, President/CEO, RAB

In the ninth episode of the series, we hear the conversation RAB’S Mike Hulvey had with Kevin Perry, president and CEO of Perry Publishing & Broadcasting, a second-generation broadcaster operating out of Oklahoma City with 16 stations throughout the country. He is also a newspaper publisher. Kevin’s enthusiasm for the radio business is palpable and, in this episode, you’ll hear how localism and radio broadcasters’ commitment to the communities they serve is a key factor to success as well as being everywhere - whether it’s in audio or video platforms, to ensure radio’s future success.

Watch the interview on our YouTube channel: Click Here.


16 July

Plumbing and HVAC Ads on Radio: What's Working Best

Contributor: Rick Kestenbaum, general manager, AnalyticOwl

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average age of a home in the U.S. is 39 years. That creates constant opportunity for plumbing and HVAC companies. Radio has proven to be an excellent way to not only promote emergency services, but also to get listeners thinking about profitable replacements, upgrades and renovations.


9 July

Radio is on the Menu for Restaurants

Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB

With temperatures around the country on this rise, who wants to cook? Dining out or taking out is the way to go.


2023 RAB Radio Sizzle Video

RAB's Radio Sizzle Video is available for download.


2023 RAB Radio Sizzle Video Part-1


2023 RAB Radio Sizzle Video Part-2


2023 RAB Multicultural Video

NEW - RAB's Multicultural Video is now available for download.


2023 RAB Multicultural Video Part-1


2023 RAB Multicultural Video Part-2



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The Radio Mercury Awards, the only competition exclusively devoted to radio, was established in 1992 to encourage and reward the development of effective and creative radio commercials. The annual Radio Mercury Awards competition draws entries from advertising agencies, production houses, radio stations, and educational institutions across the country.

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