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In a Flash

GoCart is a revolutionary new mobile-first product from RAB. Put an item in GoCart and sell or share it anywhere. Create buy-it-now items, auction items with max-bidding and reserves and even offer instant mobile certificates.

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What is GoCart?

Designed with more than 15 years of e-commerce experience, GoCart offers your station a solid and secure solution to help build your m-commerce strategy.


GoCart responds to any screen size on any device. And with mobile certificates, listeners can use a certificate instantly.


Your GoCart site builds itself as you add items. Simply add your branding, post your items and start selling.


Sell items directly using the buy-it-now feature, schedule full auctions or do both in the same GoCart site.


Per-transaction pricing assures you only pay for GoCart when you are making money.

How GoCart Works

GoCart is an all-in-one solution for a complete m-commerce initiative, including inventory controls, point of sale tools, certificate management, and reporting. Best of all, it's written FOR radio.

Set guidelines for how
GoCart will work

There is quite a bit to consider. For help in getting started right, see the FAQ section below or ASK RAB for a call to review.

Sell through to your
advertising clients

You'll want to give this step plenty of time. It's best to launch GoCart with a varied and interesting collection of items.

Gather pictures and
other artwork

This part is so easy. Simply snap a picture with your smart phone and load it directly to your GoCart site. No additional editing is required.

Set up your

New items can be added as they come in. It takes just a few minutes to create the post and upload a picture or client logo.

Promote your
new GoCart

See the FAQ section below for helpful ideas and don't forget, listeners can help by sharing items on their favorite social networks.

Start selling
on-air, online and over the phone

GoCart frees you to sell anytime, anywhere ... you can even take orders over the phone.

See the Demo

Click below to see a demo or scroll down and request a live tour.


These FAQ's will answer some common questions. If you need more help, please reach out.
We are happy to schedule a call to review your specific needs.

What are some of the considerations before we start?

  • Who is the program administrator(s)? This person(s) will receive notifications, post new inventory, conduct weekly maintenance, produce reports for traffic and your business manager, collect payments and process certificates. With really active programs, this takes 3 to 5 hours a week in total.
  • Once you've selected this person, reach out to RAB for training.
  • Establish rules for how ad credit is used.
      Using ad credit:
    • Don't accept 100% trade. Advertisers using program ad credit should be required to use some or half cash.
    • Consider offering 80 to 90 percent ad credit based on the retail price of the item. This washes out profit margin and will allow your AE's to accept ad credit just like cash. GoCart is programmed to help manage this and it's easy to execute.
    • Require all items to have manager approval before they are accepted and placed in the program.
  • Set guidelines for certificate redemption.
    • Suggest to listeners that certificates be used in 90 days.
    • For restaurants, exclude alcohol and gratuities.
    • Certificate disclaimer should specify no cash back. Consider adding "good only for the item listed, tax not included."
    • Require items that have been sold, but not paid for be picked up and paid for in 3 to 5 business days.
    • Items not paid for in 3 to 5 days will be returned for resale.
    • Set hours when certificates may be picked up. If you are open 8 to 5, we would suggest 9 to 4 for pickup, giving your office time to open and close.
    • Determine shipping and handling fees, if any, for certificates mailed.
    • Will you offer mail delivery of printed certificates?
    • What would you like to use for your selling week? Monday-Sunday? Saturday-Friday? If you are selling a certain number of certificates per week for a given client, this determines when more will be added to inventory.
    • Determine titles for your departments or categories.
    • Set a closing day - a day when your admin will close, balance and issues reports.

What do we need for graphics?

Your header graphic should be about 800x500. You will also need a 200x100 logo for your certificates, banners and tiles for your web site and an optional 728x90 Leader board that can run at the top of your GoCart site. This is a great place to promote partnerships with local non-profits or upcoming shopping events.

For specific items, GoCart is designed to work well with images than can be shot on a smart phone - a nice rectangle. Ask your AE's to snap a few pictures.

Do we need online credit card processing?

It depends. GoCart will operate fine without the need to accept credit cards. However, if you want to accept online payments, yes. You will need to select a processor. Start this early as it can take several weeks to set up. Paypal is a great all-in-one solution, but will cost a bit more. You can also check out processors like Authorize.net. It's easy to administer and their reports are very good.

In most cases, the processor you select sets up like automatic bill pay. First, talk to your bank and make sure your account can receive e- payments. Most do these days, but double check to be sure. Also, check with RAB to make sure we support the processor you are considering. We support most of the major processors, but it's still a good idea to make sure. Then, register for an account. As part of the setup, you'll be asked for the bank account where payments will be deposited. There will also be verification process, but it's very well explained on the site. Once this is established, reach out to RAB and we'll connect your processor to your GoCart.

Is GoCart Secure?

RAB has taken every step to make sure your listeners data is secure. First, we never store credit numbers cards online. We also work with industry-leading technology to make sure transactions remain secure. This includes 128 bit SSL encryption and regular security audits.

How much does GoCart cost?

GoCart uses pay as you go transaction pricing. In other words, you only pay for GoCart when you are using it to make money! The fee structure is simply: $1.35 per transactions, with $50 monthly minimum. For more information, please see the GoCart end user agreement.

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