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% who discover new music on Radio

Nielsen, Music 360, 2016

People 12+ listening each week

RADAR 133 June 2017 (C) Nielsen Audio

Hours listening each week

RADAR 133 June 2017 (C) Nielsen Audio

% of Hispanics reached weekly

RADAR 133 June 2017 (C) Nielsen Audio


Radio is America's #1 reach medium. Explore here for ideas on how to put radio's unique marketing power to work for you.

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Browse through a variety of topics covering commonly-asked questions about radio and its extraordinary ability to build brands and motivate consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Find other important research studies including various studies from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, The Infinite Dial, the Jacobs Media Tech Survey and more.

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17 July

Radio Ties It All Together

By Annette Malave | RAB Insights

Local radio stations are a reflection of the community -- the events and the personality of the town or city they communicate and engage with daily. READ MORE

12 July

Abbie Korman of Impact Marketing

By Erica Farber | RAB President / CEO

One of radio's strengths is the connection air personalities have with their listeners, something of great interest to advertisers. LISTEN

10 July

Granting Hope to Fellow Broadcasters

By Jim Thompson | Broadcasters Foundation

Radio broadcasters are central to everything that happens in our communities. Across all formats, radio reports on monumental events. READ MORE

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Radio creates brand awareness and drives ROI.
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Listen to award-winning commercial audio and be inspired by the Radio Mercury Awards.

Radio Mercury Awards

The Radio Mercury Awards, the only competition exclusively devoted to radio, was established in 1992 to encourage and reward the development of effective and creative radio commercials. The annual Radio Mercury Awards competition draws entries from advertising agencies, production houses, radio stations, and educational institutions across the country.

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RAB's Audio Library contains nearly 1,000 commercials in bright, crisp MP3 format.

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