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Local Search

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Ubiquitous: Virtually everyone is aware of the Yellow Pages and/or familiar with online search, and one format or the other is available 24/7.

Curated: All businesses that offer similar products or services are compiled within specific classifications, making for easy comparisons.

Current: Internet Yellow Pages and other online local search sources can be updated frequently, displaying the most recent applicable information and promotions.

In Demand: Weather paper or digital, search ads will be seen by consumers who are already interested in purchasing or using a product or service.

Habit: Consumers are habituated to using paper or online search functions for help in locating businesses. They look for the category and are provided with a list of companies that are available to meet their requirements.

Accessible Anywhere: Online directories and search functions on mobile phones make it increasingly easy for consumers who are out and about to look up references for a type of business to meet their needs.